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Specialty Foods

New York Wine & Culinary Center
800 South Main Street Canandaigua, NY 14424

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, New York Wine & Culinary Center is designed to educate, engage, and excite people in a celebration of New York’s incredible beverage, agriculture, and culinary industries. Through partnerships with area farmers, wineries, breweries, distilleries, artisans, and entrepreneurs, the Center offers an array of inviting experiences which proudly highlight and promote the natural beauty, rich history, and agricultural bounty of New York State.

The New York Wine & Culinary Center brings you the best of New York, all in one beautiful and scenic spot on the northern shore of Canandaigua Lake.

The Karma Sauce Company
9 Hardwood Hill RoadPittsford, NY 14534

New York’s Most Award Winning Zesty Foods for 2013!

Looking for robust flavorful healthy foods? You came to the right place! From mild to wild we’ve got you covered. We make all Karma Sauce products in small batches. We use only the highest quality ingredients including chile peppers from our own farm! All natural yes, but more: No glutens, no allergens, no fillers, gums or modified starches. No fooling. Original Karma Sauce® products give your meals the kick they deserve – as flavor enhancers, special ingredients, or next to the salt and pepper at your dinner table!

Bet the Farm Winery & Gourmet Market
381 Main StreetAurora, NY 13026

We are a New York Farm Winery, gourmet food shop and regional wine shop

Cherry Knoll Farm and Winery
3426 Hoxie Gorge Freetown Road, Marathon, New York 13803

Cherry Knoll Farm offers u-pick blueberries, unique blueberry wines, juice, and vinegar.

Cherry Knoll Farm Winery is located in an upper valley just east of Interstate 81 in Central New York.

From the outside, the Winery looks very much like it has over the last many decades. Originally built around 1920, and often used as the “hen house”, the building looks very original ~ unless you look closely at the doors and windows. In those openings today you will find modern thermo doors and windows.

On the inside, the building has been totally remodeled into a winery, complete with insulation, drywall, electricity, plumbing, heating, floors, walk-in cooler, and all the equipment needed for making and bottling our 100% pure blueberry wines and vinegar.

The first wine was produced at Cherry Knoll Farm in 2002. It was used to make our first vinegar in 2003. “It takes a good wine to make good vinegar” – So why not wine. We were soon making wine, too. Blueberry Sweet was our first wine. Soon after, we had three more blueberry wines in production; Blueberry Semi-Sweet aged with Oak, then Blueberry Semi-Sweet (an early favorite) and Blueberry Dry. In 2008 we developed and began production of Blueberry Blossom Delight and Blueberry Bluetta.

Here’s how to purchase our products:

Fast Lane Enterprises, LLC
Geneva, NY

Specializing in custom branded logo apparel and products.  T-shirts, hoodies, ball caps, tote bags, corkscrews, bottle openers, coffee mugs, magnets and much, much more!!  Also offering local artisanal food products such as Naples Valley Brand Products and Life’s So Sweet Chocolates.

Finger Lakes Food Company LLC
PO Box 44Hector, NY 14841

The Finger Lakes Food Company will create versatile, innovative products utilizing local ingredients and grown using sustainable methods. We will successfully market the products to restaurants and home gourmets using creative and current methods, such as online ordering and web videos. We will contribute to the growing localvore trend while also promoting the Finger Lakes region in other areas. We will maintain a price point to keep our company successful and sustainable while also offering the consumer value for their dollar.

Company Overview
The Finger Lakes Food Company is a collaboration of Tina and Eric Hazlitt (Sawmill Creek Vineyards).

With the focus on regional cuisine, our first product, “Verjooz” is a dynamic expression of the vineyard that creates a dynamic middle ground for Finger Lakes food and wine.

Freer Collection of Processed Fruits
103 Pleasant Street, Geneva, NY 14456

Scientist/Farmer Jay Freer has 20 years of experience with Cornell University’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York. He led the Station’s tart cherry variety trial collection for 15 years, evaluating varieties for their promise for New York growers, and also works with the Station’s plum collection. Jay recalls a seedling apple tree that grew outside his family’s home produced apples that made ‘a nice applesauce.’ Years later, he spent two fall seasons sampling apples from the Station’s national apple collection searching for one that tasted the same. Jay didn’t find that particular apple, but did find another that also makes ‘a nice applesauce.’ The Freer Collection’s Geneva Crabapplesauce™ and Watson™ Plum Jam are both made from the fruit of Jay’s own long-established orchard in Geneva. The Tart Cherry Sorbet is a blend of three varieties sourced from an orchard in Niagara County, New York. Each recipe is a result of Jay’s professional understanding of the development of these fruits, and time in the kitchen tasting again and again. Why does Jay Freer make his Geneva Crabapplesauce™, Tart Cherry Sorbet, and Watson™ Plum Jam? Because no one else is making delicious, high-quality fruit products using these simple, unique ingredients.
Kettle Ridge Farm
515 Log Cabin Road, Victor, NY 14564
(585) 683-7506

With its steep wooded slopes, high ridges, and surrounding kettle-hole ponds, Kettle Ridge Farm offers a refuge from surrounding development in one of the fastest-growing communities in New York State.

From our land we have been producing the purest New York State maple syrup and finest local honey since 2010. Our maple syrup is available in several sizes and all grades. Our local wildflower honey is made by the honey bees in our apiary. Our products are all natural with no added chemicals or fillers.

We also offer fresh brown and white eggs from our small flock of well-tended chickens. They are free range and their diets are supplemented with non-GMO feed.

Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters / JAVA-GOURMET / Seneca Salt Company

At JAVA-GOURMET and Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters, we live, work and play against a backdrop of natural beauty. Overlooking Keuka Lake in New York, we are passionate about our company and the products we create! We established Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters in 2003 after moving here from Boston to start our business. Brian was in the coffee industry when we met and roasts all of our coffees to order. We small batch roast 100% Arabica beans, sourced from the country of origin. Once roasted, our coffees are completely air cooled to retain the natural coffee oils which hold not only flavor, but “good for you” antioxidants. Each type of coffee is roasted to a specific temperature and time. All blends are made after the roast. All of our flavored coffees are proprietary recipes that we have personally developed. In 2007 JAVA-GOURMET was born after the highly successful release of our Original JAVA RUBS. It is an award winning, artisanal, coffee-based specialty food company. Our products are unique and delicious. We are proud to have created a complete line of products using coffee’s culinary attribute of being a natural flavor enhancer. Our product development is based on culinary research, family recipes and our own creativity and vision in the kitchen. Coffee adds a depth of flavor that is like no other. It also will help to caramelize the surface of the food you cook. All of our products are small batch produced and coffee is the primary in every JAVA-GOURMET product. Every product is All Natural, MSG, Gluten and Trans Fat free. Besides the well known JAVA RUBS, JAVA-GOURMET produces 40+ products including sauces and marinades, a brine, dessert topper, finishing salt, JAVA GRIND and JAVA BARK, a delicious confection of espresso beans and chocolate. In 2011, we launched the Seneca Salt Company. we had been using a locally sourced, unique culinary flake salt which is produced from a fresh water brine from salt veins under Seneca Lake. We now offer a line of infused salts including a Grapevine Smoked Salt which may be the only one out there based on our research. We also have four delicious Seneca Salt Barks for those who enjoy the sweet and salty flavor profile. Our Seneca Salt products have been very successful! Just recently two bath salt products have launched: our Seneca Salt Scrub and Seneca Breeze bar soap. In January of 2014, Brian and I combined our business partnership with a marriage after 10 years together. Our journey continues and we are excited to join our families after 10 years together sharing our love and building our business. This year, 2016 will not only mark our 13th year in business, but it will be the opening of our “Vision/Dream Business”. We are bringing all elements of our business together under “one roof”! This expansion will allow for roasting and production of all products “onsite” along with opportunities for educational programs an increased retail area and a small, casual bistro featuring our creations and locally sourced ingredients from the Finger Lakes area. We are so excited about seeing this become a reality and we hope you will plan to visit us once completed this spring. We continue to be committed to working within the Finger Lakes community and supporting other local businesses and charitable organizations. We are proud of our involvement with Milly’s Pantry, Keuka Comfort Care Home, Yates County Shelter of Hope, Pet Partner Connections, Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty, Pride of New York, Penn Yan Elks Lodge #1722, Keuka Lake Association, Penn Yan American Legion Post #355, and Specialty Food Association. We sell our coffees directly to you via this web site and now in our recently opened Company Store overlooking beautiful Keuka Lake. We also sell our coffees and specialty products wholesale to fine restaurants, inns, wineries, specialty shops, and gourmet markets. We gladly invite you to contact us regarding our products. Think Coffee Outside Of The Cup…

Muranda Cheese Company
3075 State Route 96 South, Waterloo, NY 13165
Muranda Cheese Company Website

Great cheese starts with great cows. The Muranda Cheese Company produces all natural, raw cheeses using only milk from Registered Holsteins raised on site in Waterloo, N.Y. Our cheeses are all aged, cut and wrapped right here at the Muranda Cheese Company. We are meticulous in the care of our cows. We pamper them, raise them without growth hormone and keep them in the clean, healthy type of environment that we all want to live and work in. Visitors to our farm often comment that it doesn’t smell like a farm. This is because we know the character of the environment in which cows are raised is the character of the milk they produce. Simply put, we know that the time we spend on taking care of our cows translates into great cheese. From these cows, we produce some of the highest quality milk in the nation from some of the highest quality cows – the only milk that goes into Muranda Cheese.

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